Mass Effect Normandy SR2 3D Paper Model DIY Kit

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This paper model is a Normandy SR-2, a starship that appears in 2185, and serves as the "successor" to the SR-1, based on the game Mass Effect 2.

The Illusive Man had Cerberus build the SR-2 for the newly revived Commander Shepard's team to aid them in their mission to stop the Collectors' galaxy-wide campaign of human abductions. The ship serves as the headquarters of the Lazarus Cell.

The ship is very similar to the Systems Alliance's SSV Normandy SR-1, having been based on the design layout of the original. The Normandy SR-2 has several key differences, the most significant being that she is almost twice the mass of the original. Cerberus also designed the ship with more crew-oriented comforts by including civilian-grade accommodations. The ship still retains the SSV Normandy SR-1's stealth characteristics. However, unlike the SR-1, the SR-2 cannot land on every planet—due to her increased mass—requiring shore parties to use a shuttle to get to a planet's surface.

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